Does Insight Metrix record my data from queries?

No, and we will never do. We do not know what kind of queries you start and we do not know what kind of data is pulled, and we don't want to know it either. Your data belongs to you.

How do I install Insight Metrix IM Funnel?

Download and install Insight Metrix IM Funnel here: Chrome Webstore

When purchased IM Funnel you need to authorize your email address. It is necessary that the BigQuery email address provided to Insight Metrix is the same you are using for Google BigQuery.

Can I use IM Funnel without being Google Analytics 360 customer?

At the moment it is necessary to be Google Analytics 360 customer in order to able to connect Google Analytics with Google BigQuery. This function maybe rolls out to free Google Analytics in future.

IM Funnel can only be used if your Google Analytics 360 account is linked to Google BigQuery and your daily data is automatically pushed into GA 360 tables within BigQuery.

What is: Open Funnel (session/user based)

The number describes the sessions/users of every step, defined in the funnel, independently, no matter prior steps have been visited before. (same logic as in GA 360 Suite)

The advantage at IM Funnel is, you can retrieve data on daily basis or for the whole timeframe. In GA 360 Suite data can only be retrieved for the whole timeframe, in other words, only one number per step for the defined date range.

Example: Data per timeframe: The user is counted only once for the whole timeframe. Data per day: The user is counted each day he visits the funnel steps.

What is: Closed Funnel (session/user based)

A session/user is counted on a certain step in the funnel, if all prior steps have been visited at least once before, and the session/user is counted on all prior steps with the same logic.  (same logic as in GA 360 Suite)

Example: If the session is counted for funnel step 4, he must have visited step 3 at least once before 4, he must have visited step 2 at least once before step 3 and so on, during the same visit.

What is: Device Category

Use this function to get data for each device category as dektop, tablet and mobile.

What is: URL Type: Regular Expression

You can use regular expression to define any step in the funnel.
Find more information regarding regular expression here:

Why do BigQuery user metrics not match those within Google Analytics 360 custom funnel?

When using metric user and analyzing a definite timeframe within Google Analytics 360, user data changes from time to time. With Insight Metrix IM Funnel you will get the preceice user number based on fullvisitorid, that visited the respective funnel steps in the defined timeframe. User data in Google Analytics 360 Suite on the other hand, in some cases, is sampled data. support.google.com

How to attribute dimension Medium in user funnels?

In a closed funnel the attributed Medium is always according to the first step, the user entered the funnel with. In case the user enters the website through "organic", leaves the funnel at the sixth step and continues the next day via "email marketing", the whole funnel is attributed to Medium "organic".

How long does it take to retrieve data from BigQuery?

Based on the amount of data within BigQuery and the queried timeframe the query might need up to 300 seconds to pull the data to Google Sheets.

What to do with error: Resources exceeded during query execution

You have selected a very long timeframe and thereby too much data to analyze. Try using several querries with shorter timeframes

How to use triggers?

Select Addons -> Insight Metrix IM Funnel -> Triggers, then choose the sheet the repsective funnel was run in and the time period the query should be executed. It is necessary to at least start the funnel query once in order to be able to configure the trigger.

How to share funnel settings with colleagues?

Your colleague needs to open the sheet of the specific funnel you want to share. As soon as the colleague opens the sheet, the resepective funnel settings will be loaded, then it can be saved.

I just bought Insight Metrix IM Funnel, when will my account be activated?

The account is usually be activated within 12 hours after receipt of payment. In case of high demand the activation might take up to 48 hours.

Am I allowed to copy the query that I can see in the the Google BigQuery web interface after running Insight Metrix IM Funnel?

Unfortunatly you are not allowed to copy the query. You are neither allowed to share it with others.