IM Funnel – Google Analytics 360 funnels with BigQuery

With Insight Metrix IM Funnel, a Google Sheets plugin,  you will be able to retrieve very precise and not sampled Google Analytics data in realtime from Google BigQuery and create custom funnels with up to 9 steps, session numbers match Google Analytics 360 Suite custom funnels by at least 99,9% (5 step funnel).

IM Funnel provides precise session and user data for analyzing the whole customer journey. This plugin can be used to create closed or open funnels that were accomplished within one session or accross different sessions, fully customizeable to your needs. Select device category as well as traffic source medium to distinguish mobile or desktop performance from different marketing campaigns.

Super Fast

Speed up your funnel analysis with just a few clicks


Google Analytics 360 data within BigQuery is very precise without any sampling

9 Steps

Run funnels with 2 to 9 steps

Share Funnels

Share your saved funnels easily with colleagues or cowork in one report


Save your funnel configurations and define time triggers to query fresh data on regular basis

What is Google BigQuery?

Learn more about Google BigQuery & Sheets

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